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Hybrid IT Assessments

Logicalis offers a range of VMware services to assess the optimisation of your infrastructure;

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vSphere Optimisation Assessment (VOA)

With this enhanced assessment customers can proactively address health, performance, and capacity management of IT infrastructure and applications in their virtualized data center, as well as across heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments, to improve efficiency, performance, and availability. A VOA can take between 1 and 30 days.

Virtual Network Assessment (VNA)

A VNA helps our customers gain an holistic view of the traffic in their data center across the virtual and physical domains. It determines how much traffic exists between VM’s, applications, VLANs, and VXLANs. It identifies threat planes across physical networks, virtual domains, cloud, and mobile environments. Ultimately, a VNA will provide the intelligence and visibility necessary to map a journey to a more secure IT infrastructure. A VNA takes about one week, and installs remotely in under an hour.

Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA)

Take the VMware Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA) to help you make better cost decisions as you migrate workloads to private and public clouds. It’s fast and easy. HCA provides cloud cost insights in less than 3 hours.