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Automation & Orchestration

Remove errors, and maintain uptime of services through policy based control.

Improved service delivery and service management

All services can be planned, built, deployed, and managed against a set of standards that are defined through IT Governance.

This results in continuity of services, from the network policy that gets applied, the version of firmware to the level of security.

All non-compliant systems can be updated automatically, while minimising disruption and can be done as part of a standard change control process.

Service availability and mobility

Operational uptime and availability for key applications and services is vital when these services support critical business needs or services.

Through the power of software you will be able to achieve higher levels of availability at lower costs, minimising downtime and unplanned outages.

If an unplanned outage does happen, Software Defined Technologies enable you to manage resources, data replication and service provisioning away from infrastructure.

Policy based management and control

Automation enables you to re-define processes as policies. As a result, the policy is initiated automatically if a number of certain factors occur.

You can move services between systems or locations in the event of an outage, or set up new services automatically if demand for online services spikes.

Policies can also help with day to day IT operation tasks, covering security, network, compute, storage, and overtime through the power of IT analytics. For example, if data for a service increases, the policy can automatically increase the resources allocated to it as long as there is provision for growth, ensuring optimal performance.

Logicalis Automation Calculator

Automation provides many benefits but understanding the value that it can bring can be difficult to measure. The Logicalis Automation Calculator is a simple tool that shows the value automation can provide, through the time saved. Click below to see how much time you can save.

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