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Service Delivery and Management

Embrace the next generation of IT Service Management to manage IT in a complex world.

A Hybrid World

Traditionally tools like HPE OneView and Microsoft System Centre and VMware vCenter and tools like it have been the main interface for IT. However in a hybrid world workloads and services are no longer located in a single environment, this complexity can be difficult to control and manage with these tools, therefore a different approach is required.

An Ecosystem of Tools

Consider the ability to be able to integrate, manage and monitor 3rd party services and platforms as if they were your own, an ecosystem of tools with clearly defined roles as part of an IT Operating Model can help.

Utilising the IT4IT

Utilising the IT4IT Reference Architecture the Logicalis Hybrid IT Operating Model provides IT with the ability to manage IT as a business. IT4IT also allows for collaboration with 3rd parties, and key business departments like finance, supply chain etc. improving insight through a business value chain-based framework.

Hybrid IT Operating Model
Operating Model